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Let's say I was in a car wreck a while back and I thought that hurt. In comparison to the way I feel now I'd say a baby elephant got loose and trampled on me either that or I just got my ass beat by a gang of ninja's. In addition to the pain I can't seem to find comfort. I swear this must be a punishment of sorts. Or prepreation for something.

This point in my life...

It's been a while since posting. Anywhere. I've held my thoughts as sacred. I'm not sure why I revert into myself.I think it's just what I know. I've been trying to find outlets to release all that I'm feeling. I find myself in a creative space. Perhaps this is how I'm getting it out?

I was really scared for my brain surgery. I've been over the risks and the benifits. I know that this is the best option. As the date draws near the more at peace I feel. I've reconnected with people I haven't spoken to in years and this feels good. I sometimes wonder if some forces are working with me... I wouldn't be human if I didn't say that death crosses my mind.

I've finally finished my living will. I haven't given it to anyone in fact this is the first time I've admitted I have one. Life gives you a lot to deal with at times. I think I've had my fair share for one life time.

Just remembered the subject is a Tracy Chapman song...
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Friday night

My night started out rather well. I made a veggie pizza, but I burned it so I had a can of beans. I have to write a paper for some folks in Atlanta. My goal is to finish the paper before the deadline (Monday @ 5 pm). After the beans, I decided to procrastinate by burning my old CD's to my Mac. Next thing I knew it was 2:30 am ) I spent another hour on Facebook looking up old friends and now it's 4:50 am. I'm way late on my night time medication and I hope I don't throw my body off too much by taking it so late. As far as the paper goes I've gotten as far as writing my name :-#
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It's been a while

Though I can't say that I will go back and read all of the posts for 2007 to catch up on the lives of my friends...but I will check periodically to see what's going on in their life.2007 was crazy...I don't want to replay it but the one word that can sum it all up is intense. Hopefully 2008 which bring about some personal growth, self awareness and peace of mind. Well my brain is cluttered from being out of work for a month and I have so many other things to do right now which writing an entry is the least thing I should be working on.

Much love,
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Wal-Mart...gay supporter!

Wal-mart has partnered with the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.
---the leading promoter of homosexual marriage.
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Despite what you may have heard...entering your pin backwards in the ATM will not summon the po po. You are just SOL...so like the kids say... "carry mase chil" --- not child but Chil without the D.
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I'm outraged that stamps are going up again... and even more outraged that all they could offer me at the post office was a silly stamp of the liberty bell as if I care.

Big Trucks!

I was in an accident today. Not a horrible accident but an accident nonetheless. A really huge truck parked so close to my truck I could barely get in the door let alone make it out of the parking space. I had to go in the store and wait for the guy to come out. When he finally did make it out I had already backed into his truck. I didn’t cause any damage and he had the nerve to say “looks like today is your lucky day lady”…it’s the lady part that got me. I wanted to explain to him that neither of us would be in the predicament if he’d park between his white lines and not mine. I dislike people who drive big trucks and park in small places. I have a friend who drives a big truck but she always park away from the general public to avoid such dilemmas. Why can't all big truck drivers be as generous?
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Job Hunt Continues...

Needless to say I have a strong aversion to job hunting. After the last job resulted in me being fired I was determined never to work again. But reality has slapped me in the face and reminded me that I can't live at home or be without a job forever...so therefore the hunt for another job has begun. I had an amazing interview today at the MalWashington foundation but I'm a little hesitant to get my hopes up. It'll be a great job and I would actually love and believe in what I was doing...I'd be the assistant program coordinator for their after school program…Combining my love for teaching with my desire to make a difference with at-risk youth, but like I said I don’t want to get my hopes up…just in case. I also applied for a position at The Bridge doing case management work which would also be a cool job. I ‘m not going to sell myself short this time…so the search continues and I know this time it’ll prevail.

Little side note: I’m reading The Alchemist and I’m loving it…
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i miss the simplicity of the way my life use to be.fantasy is what people want but reality is what they need.
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